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    Gift Certificate FAQ

    Register / Login FAQs

    Q: Why is the login process , always prompt system "Email address / user name or password input errors, please re-fill " ? A: this is the case , because in most cases : ( 1 ) E-mail address or username you entered is incorrect ; Information If you have modified login email address or username , please use the modified . ( 2 ) The password you entered is incorrect ; If you have modified a registered password, please use the login password modified ; forgotten your password, please click on the " Forgot Password ." ( 3 ) If you have not successfully registered in the site , click on "New User Registration" and follow the prompts to register , the registration is successful, then log on . Q: forget the login name and password how to do ? A: Do not worry, this site provides service to retrieve the password , please click forgot your password, follow the system prompts. Forgot your password Detailed steps are as follows : 1 , in the site login page , click Forgot your password. 2 , follow the prompts , enter your registered e-mail and the verification code in the site network. 3 , the system prompts successfully sent " password reset " email , if you do not receive a long time , you can click on the " re-sent ." 4 , log in to your personal mailbox, find the " New password reset confirmation email website " hits " set a new password ." 5 , follow the prompts to set a new password.

    Service Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Under what circumstances generally , the site will take the initiative to contact me ?
    A:. 1 Sold Out system will automatically send e-mail notifications.
    2 cases in the order specified your own needs confirmation , we will contact you.
    3 If the order address , contact information is wrong and can not contact you , we will work with your phone , Email or SMS contact . No reply within 24 hours if deemed rejected all treatment .
    4 If the total amount of the remittance amount is inconsistent with the order or zip code, address and other mailing information available , we will order to " check pending order" and take the initiative to contact you.
    Q: Why is no one to contact me after shopping ?
    A: Common situation can not get in touch with consumers as follows :
    1 Order phone number is wrong ;
    2 the customer 's e-mail address in the registration information is inaccurate or mail server problems cause the message to be returned ;
    3 did not indicate the order number / user name when remittances, money orders and information finding under order number .
    4 No order is successful, you can go to the individual centers ' My Account > My Orders "in inquiries about orders.
    Q: What if my order out how to do ?
    A:. 1 Your shopping mall in the process, all the goods out of stock orders , the system will automatically send e-mail to inform you that the order will be automatically canceled. If the order is part of the product out of stock , we will give you part of a stock of goods is issued after the stock if you receive information , there is no need goods shipped goods , please contact us by phone to cancel the order .
    2 If your order has been paid the purchase price, the out of stock, money will be saved to your in the mall , you can use the next purchase , if you need a refund , and please contact us, we will give you a refund business .
    Q: I have a query order display " Delivery " state , what I was to receive the goods ?
    A: Orders are " now shipping" status on behalf of the orders have been based on the actual situation , arrange distribution. If you leave the company address, delivery personnel will default You do not work weekends . If you work on weekends , please indicate in the remark . If you choose the delivery way , under normal circumstances, goods will reach your hands in the promised time . If you choose the order , we will send you within 24 hours after payment is received the goods.
    Q: If I find inconsistencies receive ordered goods and how to do ?
    A: Please check your order first performed to see if the order because of his mishandling of the goods they want to order goods and inconsistent . Choose home delivery for orders , if you find the goods received and the invoice does not match the list of goods , you can then refuse to accept , please re- distribution warehouse and distribution staff returned and delivery according to your requirement . For door Catigto orders, ask the customer at the time of receipt inspection , and it clearly is consistent with the list of goods shipped , if in doubt, immediate and clear explanation of our staff .
    Q: Why does money have been exported for a long time , but have not yet received shipping notice ?
    A:. 1 Please go online orders inquiry , under normal circumstances , we are shipped within 24 hours after the order models , the system will send an email to the consignee after delivery e-mail notice to the consignee , has probably because you leave the consignee e-mail in error, or there is information which led to technical reasons late , return or even lost.
    2 If the case is handled by the query orders as " pending order" , please check your e-mail address , it is possible because inconsistent or zip code, address , consignees and other mailing information unknown amount of remittances and the total amount of the order , which appears circumstances , we will order to " pending Order" and take the initiative to contact your Email or phone messages , but there may be a variety of reasons that you do not have the contact ; If you find yourself through the Order is pending orders , please take the initiative to contact us.
    3 If you transfer, do not leave a message in the sender or the details of the order number, user name and other inquiries orders to leave the wire transfer purposes , but the name of the sender or the payer and the consignee name is inconsistent with the order or illegible . For more information on this case, please contact us and told the money order according to number, remittance date, amount, name and address of the sender or telegraphic bank name , the name of the payer , the amount of wire transfer , wire transfer date , wire transfer document number, etc., so that we verify , confirm.

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